The first images of all-civilian astronauts shared

... space travelers will take a tour around the Earth every 90 minutes.

Photo: Haber Global

Baku, Jale Akbar, İnteraz - 17 September 2021, 13:38

The historical journey of the space capsule Dragon started with 4 civilian passengers. The astronautless Dragon will orbit the Earth for 3 days. The first photos of civilian space travelers from the capsule were also published.


SpaceX, owned by US entrepreneur Elon Musk, has officially opened the doors of space tourism. The company launched a crew of four, all civilians, into space with the Dragon capsule the night before.


Launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the capsule will reach an altitude of 575 kilometers and orbit the Earth for three days. After completing its three-day orbit around the globe, the capsule will re-enter the atmosphere and land on the Atlantic Ocean off Florida.


This was recorded as a historic flight since there were no astronauts in the capsule, although civilians did not go on a space journey for money.


The first images of astronauts, all civilians, sent into space by SpaceX, which is responsible for space transportation of NASA, which manages the space program of the USA, were also shared.


For the first time in history, all-civilian astronauts from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida have reached Earth orbit as part of the Inspiration 4 mission. Within the scope of the 3-day space journey, the first images of the team called 'space tourists' were shared.


The astronauts are scheduled to land on the Florida coast of the USA at the end of their journey in Earth orbit. It was stated that space travelers will take a tour around the Earth every 90 minutes.


Dragon's passengers have undergone six months of training to deal with any emergency, even though all systems operate automatically.


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