Transatlantic fiber cable from Google: It connects 3 countries

... internet cables under the Atlantic Ocean connects the US, UK and Spain.

Photo: Sputnik

Baku, Jale Akbar, İnteraz - 16 September 2021, 17:27

Google has laid thousands of kilometers of fiber optic internet cables under the Atlantic Ocean to connect the US, UK and Spain.


InterAz informs citing Sputnik Turkey.


Technology giant Google is preparing to connect two continents with a new sub-ocean internet cable.


The new generation fiber optic cable, which is 6 thousand 250 kilometers long, has a data transfer capacity of 350 terabits per second.


The cable, which will be put into service next year, was named after one of the leading names in the software world, Grace Hopper.


Hopper also went down in history as the first person to use the term 'bug' for bugs in software.


According to NTV's Business Insider, the new cable aims to accelerate international internet data traffic even more.


For this purpose, the company will also lay new fiber optic cables that will connect the Americas and Africa continents under the forthcoming Atlantic Ocean.